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We are excited to have you as a guest. You are welcome with open arms.
We hope you enjoy your stay and wanted to let you know that the beach house is located within a block of many fun, adventurous, and exhilarating activities, like boating, kayaking, paddleboarding, great dining, and wine tasting.
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Just steps away from endless activity and adventure

Ladysmith, originally Oyster Harbour is a town located on the 49th parallel north on the east coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. 


The unique landscape provides numerous activities to do, such as hiking, kayaking, and boating in breathtaking locations. Roberts Memorial Provincial Park, Heart Lake, Christie Falls, Stocking Creek Water Fall, and Holland Creek, to name just a few.

Ladysmith's historic First Avenue has been named the best street in the country by the Canadian Institute of Planners. A vast array of shops line the street, making it a delightful walk through town to pick up your souvenirs.


Just east of the downtown core, across the Trans Canada Highway, is Transfer Beach. It is so named because it was originally the location of a dock that facilitated the “transfer” of coal to Vancouver.  It boasts the largest open-air Amphitheatre on Vancouver Island with concerts held every July and August. The scenic park features swimming areas, beaches, and picnic tables.

There are several local farm stands to visit if you choose to pick up some fresh local organic produce.

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Contact us if you have any questions

We are here to serve you. 

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